Building for the Future with High-Efficiency, Low Waste, Process Solutions

Enerquip's Headquarters in Medford, WI

Enerquip Thermal Solution Headquarters, Medford, WI

Enerquip, a leader in sanitary and industrial heating and cooling solutions since 1985, proudly crafts its equipment in the USA. Our fabrication shops in Medford, WI, and Beggs, OK, along with design offices in Medford, WI, and Sand Springs, OK, serve as the birthplaces of innovation and quality.

Our mission is a commitment to our partners and customers, empowering them with high-impact thermal solutions that elevate efficiency, productivity, and overall success. By incessantly innovating and delivering premium products and service that surpass expectations, we aim to set new benchmarks in the industry.

A pivotal aspect of our contribution lies in fostering sustainable business practices. In 2021, we expanded our commitment to sustainability by acquiring the former American Heating Company (now Enerquip), effectively doubling our sustainable process solutions. From low NOx thermal fluid heaters to tank heating coils and waste heat economizers, Enerquip’s solutions empower companies with substantial financial and energy savings.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we uphold a vision that consistently leads the way—pioneering innovative thermal solutions while fostering enduring relationships. This vision is anchored by our unwavering commitment to precision, integrity, and social responsibility.


Enerquip’s efficient line of products

Enerquip stands out in the market with our innovative line of thermal products, all proudly manufactured in the United States. Our people, products, and processes set us apart. Our extensive range includes shell and tube heat exchangers, vapor condensers, thermal fluid heaters with serpentine coil technology, helical coil heaters, tank heating coils, steam generators, economizers, suction heaters, bayonet heaters, and more. All this equipment helps reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Our commitment to custom, innovative designs, and high-quality fabrication has earned us the status of a preferred supplier with leading companies across various industries such as Chemical, Asphalt, Renewable Energy, Refining, Tank Terminal, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Cannabis, Personal and Pet Care, and more.

Discover the positive impact each piece of Enerquip equipment has on both the planet and our customer’s processes.

Reducing Energy Consumption with High-Efficiency Thermal Solutions

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Enerquip’s heat exchangers play a pivotal role in ensuring the precise temperature control of various substances, contributing to the safety and efficiency of numerous industrial processes. Beyond this fundamental function, they excel in capturing and transferring steam or heat exhaust, elevating overall production efficiency.

Suction Heaters

Our suction heaters are specifically designed for heating viscous fluids like asphalt and fuel oil. They present a compelling solution for diverse industries seeking an economical and efficient option. Rather than uniformly heating an entire tank of contents, these heaters strategically heat the product as it’s suctioned out, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Thermal Fluid and Hot Oil Heaters
Enerquip Thermal Fluid Heaters

Enerquip’s thermal fluid heaters provide vital heat to our customer’s manufacturing process.

Enerquip’s thermal fluid heaters, encompassing hot oil and asphalt variants, boast a distinctive serpentine coil design. This design ensures even heat distribution, minimizes oil degradation, extends tube life, enables higher operating oil temperatures, and simplifies maintenance. Equipped with a waste heat economizer as a standard feature, these heaters achieve efficiencies of up to 90% lower heating value, even without air preheating. The exceptional efficiency of these heaters not only leads to rapid cost recovery within 1-2 years but also substantially diminishes their environmental footprint.

Enerquip has thermal fluid heaters in service with NOx (nitrogen oxide) levels of less than 9 PPM (parts per million) total NOx, and less than 50 PPM Co. We believe using flue gas recirculation is the most efficient way to achieve the lowest NOx level, but we also use burner models that can achieve 9PPM NOx without a flue gas duct.

Waste Heat Economizers

Our waste heat economizers increase efficiency, conserve resources, and reduce waste in all kinds of manufacturing processes and industries. Our innovative waste heat recovery technology is utilized in our serpentine coil thermal fluid heaters, making our heating equipment some of the most efficient on the market.

Enerquip’s waste heat economizers, when used independently, can be paired with thermal oxidizers to capture and minimize valuable heat resources that would otherwise escape from manufacturing plants. This not only preserves valuable resources for customers but also mitigates emissions released into the atmosphere.

Steam Generators

For those seeking an alternative to traditional steam boilers, Enerquip offers thermal fluid steam generators. These generators provide advantages such as no explosive gases, no burner operation or service requirements, faster heat-up times, and no need for a dedicated boiler operator. The process involves utilizing hot oil from a thermal fluid heater to generate steam, efficiently regulating temperatures across various operational areas, from rail cars to tank coils.

Tank Heating Coils
Enerquip's Thermal Solutions

An array of Enerquip’s equipment including, clockwise from the bottom left, bayonet heater, pharmaceutical shell and tube heat exchanger, tank heating coils, industrial shell and tube heat exchanger, vapor condenser, waste heat economizer, and thermal fluid heater.

In the realm of tank heating, Enerquip provides solutions for diverse applications, including bare pipe tank heating coils and helically wound finned tank heating coils. The latter, with 12 times the surface area of bare pipe alternatives, not only reduces the number of pipes needed in a tank but also decreases energy consumption and ultimately enhances efficiency.

When tank coils are employed as replacements for fire-tube style tank heaters, they consolidate the emission source on-site to a single hot oil heater, rather than multiple fire tubes per tank, each with its own burner emission source. This enables our customers to significantly diminish their environmental impact and operate comfortably below their air quality permit thresholds.

Collectively, Enerquip’s range of products collaboratively maximizes process efficiency while minimizing waste, establishing the company as a leader in the field of sustainable and effective heating solutions.

Words From Our Customers

Here are words from a selection of our customers whom we’ve assisted in conserving precious natural resources.

“I bought a 500HP steam generator and Hot Oil Heater to replace two existing steam boilers. People thought we were crazy for replacing equipment that was functioning. They all wanted to know where we bought the equipment when I showed them that I cut my utility bill in half! The combination of the high efficiency heater and High-Pressure Condensate system improved operations well beyond any expectations.” – Plant Manager, Asphalt Rail Terminal in NY

“I previously bought heaters from a competitor and was told they were “High Efficiency”. I am saving tens of thousands of dollars every year on lower energy cost because now I actually have a high efficiency heater! The funny thing is that [Enerquip’s] price was actually lower than their competition by a lot. I can’t believe I ever used anyone else.” – Mid-West Asphalt Terminal Company

Enerquip’s Sustainable Business Practices

Stainless Steel Shavings

Enerquip is committed to a greener future. In 2023 alone, we recycled 54 tons of stainless steel shavings, plate, chips, parts, and other materials!

Enerquip is committed to sustainable manufacturing by incorporating LED lighting, and recycling stainless-steel shavings, coolant, oil, and other materials.

Our manufacturing shops in Medford, Wisconsin, and Beggs, Oklahoma, proudly operate as carbon-neutral facilities.

In addition to our internal practices, our products are designed with efficiency and environmental impact in mind. From low NOx burners and flu gas pipes to optimized thermal designs, we maximize overall efficiency.