Enerquip Supports Taylor County First Responders

On behalf of Enerquip’s Employee Match program, David Nelson (center), Enerquip Assembler and First Responder, presents a $500 check to Ashley Dake (right), Director of Taylor County First Responders, alongside Kris Nelson (left), Deputy Director of Taylor County First Responders.

In support of Taylor County’s frontline heroes, Enerquip proudly donated $500 to the Taylor County First Responders. This contribution, and others, plays a crucial role in supporting emergency services within our community.

Formed in January 2024, the Taylor County First Responders emerged from a collective vision among dedicated emergency personnel. Recognizing the urgent need for expedited emergency response across Taylor County’s rural landscape, these responders embarked on a mission to bridge the gap in life-saving care.

Before their inception, Taylor County grappled with a shortage of emergency personnel, compounded by jurisdictional hurdles that impeded swift assistance. With the advent of the Taylor County First Responders, strategically stationed units in Medford, Rib Lake, and Jump River now stand ready to traverse the county’s expanse at a moment’s notice. While distinct from Taylor County Ambulance services, these responders collaborate seamlessly to deliver crucial on-scene interventions.

Operating without ambulances and emergency vehicles, Taylor County First Responders leverage their personal vehicles to expedite response times. Their interventions provide vital initial care before transitioning patients to specialized transport services, such as Taylor County Ambulance or Medevac.

Ashley Dake, Director of Taylor County First Responders, expresses gratitude for the community’s unwavering support: “Every dollar donated translates into emergency care for those in need. Our dedicated team of responders embodies the spirit of compassion, and we take immense pride in expanding access to life-saving interventions across our rural communities.”

Enerquip matches employee contributions to organizations at 100%, up to $500 per employee per calendar year. This employee match from Enerquip Assembler David Nelson, includes his contributions as a Taylor County First Responder.

For more information on how you can support Taylor County First Responders, visit their Facebook page.

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