The Art and Science of Film Temperature to Achieve Goldilocks Efficiency

Understanding film temperature is pivotal when delving into the intricacies of heat transfer, particularly in situations where fluids are involved. This blog post aims to unravel the importance of film temperature in various heat transfer processes. Join us as we delve into the essence of film temperature—what it is, why it holds significance, and the […]

What are Suction Heaters?

Suction heaters are a type of industrial heat exchanger used in a variety of industrial contexts to heat viscous fluids, including asphalt and fuel oil, to a temperature at which they can be pumped. Keeping entire tanks of these types of liquids at pumping temperatures can be prohibitively expensive. Suction heaters heat only the liquid […]

How Tank Heating Coils Work

Many industries use tanks to store large quantities of material that require heating and temperature regulation, including asphalt, chemical, refining, biofuel blending, and food and beverage. Tank heating coils are one of the most effective methods of heating and regulating the temperature of stored materials. Tank heating coils are designed to be durable and efficient in […]

Five Ways to Increase Terminal Efficiency

Efficiency is always a priority for any process, plant, or organization. Creating maximum output while reducing overhead is a core business practice. With so many moving parts in tank terminal operations, there are many places revenue can fall through the cracks. Make sure your operation is sealed tight with these high-impact ways to increase efficiency. […]

Engineering & Fabrication Advancements [Video]

Enerquip Thermal Solutions Enerquip Thermal Solutions is the joining of Enerquip and the former American Heating Company. This union of manufacturing leaders, has provided customers with a variety of product advancements and process enhancements. Watch the video to learn more. New Website is Coming Enerquip will be rolling out a new website late summer of […]

Biofuel Blending Solutions from Enerquip [Video]

From ethanol to biodiesel to landfill gas, Enerquip’s thermal solutions play a key role in the production process of facilities across the county and the world. Our tank heating solutions including tank coils, bayonet heaters, heat exchangers, and more, are built with longevity and durability in mind. As part of the green initiatives across the […]

Benefits of Tank Coils with Helically Wound Fins

Tank heating coils are an imperative component of the industrial heating equipment your facility relies on every day. As experts in the industrial heating industry, we’ve spent decades honing our craft and developing efficient, innovative heating technology that our clients and customers can rely on. We take great pride in creating tank heating coils that […]

Industrial Heat Exchanger FAQs

Heat exchangers are key elements of industrial heating systems for facilities in a variety of industries. Alongside other major pieces of industrial heating equipment, like thermal fluid heaters, heat exchangers serve to transfer heat between fluids and gases, making various processes possible.  Looking to learn more about heat exchangers? You’ve come to the right place. […]

Steam Generator FAQs

Thinking about investing in a new steam generator for your facility? If you’re early on in the process of shopping for this new piece of equipment, you likely have some questions in mind that you’re mulling over. And we’ve got answers!  As leaders and innovators in our industry, we know a lot about what it […]