The Helpful Heat Exchanger Experts

Tank Heating Coils Solutions [Video]

As a key component of thermal fluid heating systems, tank heating coils play a crucial role in the heating and maintenance of large quantities of material. With the use of seamless pipe and solid helically wound fins, Enerquip’s carbon and 316L stainless steel tank coils are built for peak performance. Watch to learn more from our tank coil expert, Ron Herman.

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Why Excel Engineering Chooses Enerquip

Tim Tolley, Principal of Process Engineering at Excel Engineering, shares why he's been choosing to work with Enerquip since 1997. "In the 24 years that I've been using your equipment, there has not been one piece of equipment that has ever had to be replaced," says Tim Tolley.  

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3 Steps to Safely & Effectively Open an Enerquip Bundle

At Enerquip, we aim to deliver a quality product, every time. We do our best to ensure secure packaging so our product arrives to you unharmed. Our Crating Specialist Chad is going to show you the simple steps to open an Enerquip bundle without damaging the unit. Looking for more helpful tips? Check out our other resources including whitepapers, articles and videos.

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Welcome to Enerquip Heat Exchangers

The helpful heat exchanger experts at Enerquip have been designing and fabricating shell and tube heat exchangers for our customers’ production plants since 1985. The Enerquip team is passionate about not only building heat exchangers, but building the best heat exchanger solutions for our customers. Enerquip's culture is built around integrity. Our team is never done learning, never done growing, and never satisfied with "good enough".  Welcome to Enerquip!

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Why Enerquip? New challenges, hard work, flexibility.

We are your Helpful Heat Exchanger Experts!The experts at Enerquip are always looking for new solutions. We pride ourselves on being thought leaders to new challenges in our industries. How do we manage this? ContactPhysical:611 North Road, Medford, WI 54451 Mailing:PO Box 467, Medford, WI 54451Phone:(715) 748-5888 Fax:(715) 748-6484Email:

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611 North Road, Medford, WI 54451

PO Box 467, Medford, WI 54451

(715) 748-5888

(715) 748-6484