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Heat Exchanger Material Selection based on Common Criteria

Determine your application's most critical criteria when choosing the material for your heat exchanger.With so many factors to consider in choosing a material for your shell and tube heat exchanger, you may have a lot of questions. To start, you’ll need to decide which criteria are most critical to your operation. Criteria like thermal efficiency, cost, availability, corrosion resistance, cleanability and durability. You can then weigh the pros and cons of the...

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Enerquip meets 3A Sanitary Standards

Enerquip is a leading supplier of sanitary shell and tube heat exchangers. We ensure 3A sanitary standards for construction and cleanability. Whether you need an off-the-shelf U-tube unit or a custom straight tube design, Enerquip provides the surface finish, seamless tubing, weld quality and approved elastomers required to give you the peace of mind that your 3A exchangers are in full compliance with sanitary standards.

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