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The Helpful Heat Exchanger Experts

Heat Exchanger Material Selection based on Common Criteria

With so many heat exchanger material options available, how do you select the most appropriate one for your shell and tube heat exchanger? Most fabricators can help you with suggestions, but most won’t give a definitive recommendation due to potential liability. Since you are responsible for operating the exchanger, and are most familiar with your process, the burden will most likely fall back on you to decide on the best material of construction. Selection criteria typically include thermal...

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Immersion Heaters – Whitepaper

Pasteurization makes milk safe for consumers Knowing how to properly heat a solution or other liquid is critical to the integrity of the liquid. The right method can save time, energy and money. Using an inadequate approach to the task of heating a full tank of solution can have consequences ranging from damaged equipment to increased energy costs. In many cases, heating a solution quickly and accurately is essential. The fluid may need to be raised to a...

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Enerquip Helps Generon Provide State-of-the-Art Systems

GENERON plans to continue working with Enerquip for years to come. The company knows Enerquip and its engineers are dependable, efficient, and will work hard to create the best solution for the many systems GENERON provides to its clients. GENERON is the world leader in the design and manufacture of custom process air and gas separation systems including nitrogen generators for onshore and offshore platforms, floating production, storage and offloading units...

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Lamberti Employs Enerquip Bayonet Heaters to Maximize Efficiency

14 different industries rely on Lamberti for necessary chemicals to enhance product quality for their customers. Introduction Lamberti provides specialty chemicals to a wide variety of industries. From ceramics to agrochemical to PVC additives, 14 different industries rely on Lamberti for necessary chemicals to enhance product quality for their customers. Lamberti is located in 17 different countries, allowing it to work with a diverse group of clients. Bill...

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Enerquip Introduces New Product Line – Compact Heat Exchangers

“These scaled down versions of our exchangers utilize smaller tubes that increase tube side velocities and turbulence, while avoiding problems with bypass seen in larger exchangers when they are used at low flow rates.” This new product line is perfect for small batch processes, point-of-use streams, or R&D or pilot scale applications where a smaller compact exchanger would be an advantage. MEDFORD - Enerquip, a Wisconsin company that specializes in a wide...

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Adding Sumps to Heat Exchangers

Shane Viergutz, A Helpful Heat Exchanger Expert!Adding a sump to your heat exchanger can help improve thermal efficiency and reduce downtime. Just listen to what our helpful heat exchanger has to say about the topic. Learn more in the video below! ContactPhysical:611 North Road, Medford, WI 54451 Mailing:PO Box 467, Medford, WI 54451Phone:(715) 748-5888 Fax:(715) 748-6484Email: sales@enerquip.com

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