Ensuring safety is paramount when changing out a tube bundle in your shell and tube heat exchanger. It is crucial to use the appropriate techniques and tools to prevent damage to yourself and the unit. In this informative video, we will guide you through the simple steps to safely and effectively change out the bundle.

How to Insert a Bundle into its Shell


How to Insert an Enerquip Tube Bundle

Step 1: Ensure the strap is securely wrapped around the center of the bundle.

Step 2: Place the gasket over the bundle and near its resting place in the groove of the tube sheet.

Step 3: Align the lifting eyes on the bundle and the shell to ensure proper vertical positioning.

Step 4: Lower the crane and slowly insert the bundle. For your safety, DO NOT use a forklift to lift the bundle. As you continue to insert the bundle, place supports under the unit’s end to help distribute its weight. Move the strap towards the center of the bundle as you work.

Step 5: Finally, use a clamp to fully insert the bundle, ensuring all bolts are aligned with pre-drilled holes, the gasket is correctly positioned in the tube sheet groove, and closed.

How to Remove an Enerquip Tube Bundle

Removing a bundle is the reverse process. Insert pulls into the pre-drilled holes on the tube sheet, thread the crane strap through the eyelets, and connect it to the crane. Carefully remove the bundle.

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