Sanitary and industrial heating equipment can be complex, and with minimal maintenance needs, it can be easy to forget the right way to do seemingly simple updates.

Below you’ll find how-to videos for changing out O-rings, gaskets and tube bundles on Enerquip shell and tube heat exchangers.

How to Change 3-A O-Rings

How to Change Sanitary O-Rings & Gaskets

How to Insert a Tube Bundle Into Its Shell

Enerquip Unit Serial Number

When it comes time to change your O-rings or gaskets for an Enerquip heat exchanger, you’ll need to ensure you’re ordering the correct spare parts. If you’re unsure, you can provide us with your unit’s serial number, found in three places on each Enerquip unit (see image below).

You can also order common-sized heat exchangers, tube bundles, and spare parts through our e-Catalog now.

Enerquip Unit Serial Number

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