Tube Bundles

Getting You Back Up and Running

Enerquip understands that a leaking heat exchanger tube bundle can result in contaminated product and costly down-time. That is why Enerquip stocks several sizes of replacement tube bundles and O-rings for immediate delivery.

Enerquip can also supply replacement bundles for competitor’s heat exchangers, often faster than they can. We can cross-reference many common exchanger models, and quickly create a custom drop-in replacement bundle, allowing you to re-use your existing shell and bonnet. Many customers consider upgrading their bundle in the process, to add more surface area, or request a higher grade alloy that will last much longer than their original bundle did.

While Enerquip’s most common bundle materials are 304/304L and 316L stainless steel, we can also provide Duplex 2205, AL6XN, Hastelloy and Titanium tube bundles.

Whether you need a replacement U-tube bundle, a new tube chest for a straight tube exchanger, or a replacement floating tubesheet bundle, Enerquip can design and build you the perfect solution.

Enerquip’s tube bundles are available in a wide variety of surface finishes, from mill finish for commercial and industrial applications; to highly polished surfaces for sanitary applications. 

Enerquip performs passivation and electropolishing in-house, allowing us to meet the most stringent finish requirements of the pharmaceutical and personal care industries, including double tubesheets with leak detection for tube bundles.

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Tube Bundles