Lamberti Employs Enerquip Bayonet Heaters to Maximize Efficiency

14 different industries rely on Lamberti for necessary chemicals to enhance product quality for their customers.


Lambertiprovides specialty chemicals to a wide variety of industries. From ceramics to agrochemical to PVC additives, 14 different industries rely on Lamberti for necessary chemicals to enhance product quality for their customers. Located in 17 different countries allows Lamberti to work with a diverse group of clients.

Bill Ruder is a product manager at Lamberti Systems USA, a division of Lamberti, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Tennessee facility specializes in ethoxylation and propoxylation technology. It produces such chemicals as surfactants, polyols and block copolymers, as well as combinations of these.

Companies in the textile, oil, cosmetic, agrochemical and ceramic industries utilize these products. The facility needed a way to heat large storage tanks without altering their complex system already in place. Many of the chemicals are produced in batches to ensure accuracy and quality. It is essential that the chemicals are able to heat and cool properly to the necessary temperatures to maintain their quality before being distributed to clients. However, installing large equipment could hold up production and alter the workflow of the production area.

Reaching Out To A Trusted Company

Mr. Ruder decided to contact a company Lamberti had done business with before, Enerquip. For the past three years, Lamberti has worked with Enerquip to customize shell and tube heat exchangers for its operations. Ruder has always been impressed with Enerquip’s ability to provide affordable, high-quality exchangers to its facilities in Tennessee and Texas. Even though Enerquip is located in Wisconsin, more than 900 miles north of Chattanooga, the exchangers have always arrived quickly and safely at Lamberti’s various locations.

Lamberti has purchased 11 shell and tube heat exchangers from Enerquip. The engineers at Lamberti have always been impressed with the exchangers bought from Enerquip. Ruder also appreciates the extent of knowledge everyone at Enerquip displays about Lamberti’s needs and of the chemical processing industry in general. The person he regularly speaks with, Ron Herman, Enerquip’s director of sales and marketing, has always been able to answer his questions about the equipment Enerquip provides.

“Ron was more knowledgeable on the technical side than most marketing professionals,” he explained.

This is why Ruder thought of them first when he decided to invest in an immersion heater. He learned that Enerquip had a new line of bayonet heaters, so he decided to ask Enerquip about them.

The liquid that Lamberti needed to heat was being stored in vessels. After talking to Enerquip, Ruder learned that the manways located at the top of the vessels were perfect for Enerquip’s bayonet heaters. The bayonet heater could be attached at the manways, which would allow for easy removal when needed. Ruder explained this is necessary because Lamberti’s policy states that equipment must be inspected periodically

A Solution Is Found

Ruder and others at Lamberti liked the bayonet heater because it has direct contact the fluid in the vessel. Because of this, there is no need for extra piping or an external loop. No existing equipment needed to be moved or altered to accommodate the new heater, because it goes right into the vessel itself. This saved Lamberti money and time in the long run.

The raw material can also be heated before being fed into the unit. Once inside, the material needs to be heated to high temperatures. When the fluid is heated before entering the unit, the machine performs less work and the liquid reaches the desired temperature faster. This saves reaction time as well as the energy it would take to heat the material from a lower initial temperature.

Lamberti has been using the bayonet heater for several months now and has enjoyed its space-and cost-saving properties. It is easy to use and simply removed from the vessel for inspection and cleaning purposes. It has been able to heat the necessary liquids to the correct temperature without any problems.

Ruder says he would recommend other companies work with Enerquip because they are fast, reliable and willing to help clients customize their exchangers to provide the best solution to meet their unique needs.

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