OMNOVA and Enerquip Collaborate to Increase Productivity


Every day, people come in contact with some kind of polymer, resin or other performance chemical. They can be found in the soap next to the sink, the tires on a car, the laminate on a countertop, and in many more places throughout the home and the workplace.

Performance chemicals and engineered surfaces need to be made with extra care so that they are effective, long-lasting and, above all, safe. That’s why OMNOVA Solutions pays close attention to how these products are made.

Creating Products for Many Industries

OMNOVA is the manufacturer of a wide range of products, from adhesives to moisture barriers to wax emulsions. They can be applied in markets as widely varied as the marine, personal care, sports surfaces and food service industries. The largest portion of the company’s revenue comes from performance chemical sales. Performance chemicals are typically used with an end goal of enhancing the lifespan of a product, either by preventing rust, protecting materials against moisture or increasing the heat or pressure tolerance of a particular object.

The company’s most popular products can be seen nearly everywhere. Take the paper industry, for example: paper coatings that increase durability are observed in recycled and packaging products; adhesives are seen in tapes and labels; high-gloss coatings are commonly used in the printing industry; and moisture resistance coatings are used in food packaging. In the electronics and appliances industries, coatings that reduce micro-electronics’ sensitivity to light are highly important, as are the chemicals needed to make cleaners that won’t damage the products.

The automotive industry uses OMNOVA products in nearly every part involved in car or truck manufacturing. Gaskets, belts and hoses are made more flexible and durable with elastomeric modifiers. Dashboards, tires and interior paneling last longer because of antioxidants. Tires are also made tougher using reinforcing resins. The carpeting on the car’s floor, as well as the insulation and noise-dampening products used in the walls, are made more resilient with the company’s binders.

Businesses from more than 90 countries across the globe turn to OMNOVA for quality products that will help them serve their customers in the best possible way. The company has operations and technology centers in North America, Europe and Asia.

OMNOVA is proud to be able to contribute to the high-quality products utilized in nearly 20 different industries. The company shows its customers it cares by ensuring the performance chemicals and engineered surfaces it makes are created with the best components and equipment.

Finding Suppliers with the Best Communication

OMNOVA knows how important it is to be able to have clear and consistent communication between a supplier and a consumer. An open line of communication helps both parties ensure that everyone understands what is needed, and it makes the sales process much quicker and smoother.

The company has the same values and expectations for its own suppliers – those companies that sell OMNOVA the equipment and products it takes to create their performance chemicals and engineered surfaces.

This is one reason why Aaron Hughes, the director of operations at the company’s site in Chester, South Carolina, explained that he has enjoyed working with Enerquip. The South Carolina location, approximately 50 miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina, specializes in manufacturing performance chemicals.

In such a setting, having the right equipment in place is crucial. When making new equipment purchases, it’s also important that everything be completed and delivered in a timely manner so the new equipment can be integrated seamlessly without causing a major disruption in production. Hughes explained that Enerquip understood OMNOVA’s needs and was able to work with the company to determine the best solution.

“They were the only supplier to completely answer all the questions [we had] and were willing to conference in with their engineering group to help size and design the equipment specially for our purpose,” he said.

Hughes has worked for OMNOVA for 17 years, but has only been in contact with Enerquip for less than a year. He said the difference that Enerquip brought to the table was noticeable right away. Enerquip offered very competitive pricing, plus was able to deliver equipment in a timely manner. But Enerquip went further than quoting low prices and organizing a prompt delivery.

The company’s engineers shared design calculations with the experts at OMNOVA every step of the way and actively worked with them to determine the size and design requirements OMNOVA had. Hughes and the rest of the OMNOVA team appreciated the care Enerquip’s engineers took to include them in the design process. They liked that they were able to voice their concerns and contribute their own expertise in the design. It was clear that Enerquip valued every single one of its consumers and viewed them as collaborators rather than simply clients.

OMNOVA purchased several large condensers from Enerquip, and they have been in use for about three months. A condenser cools a gas so that it becomes a liquid. Through this process, excess heat is transferred to the coolant in the condenser. The goal OMNOVA and Enerquip had wasto increase OMNOVA’s productivity by around 25 percent through additional heat-removal capacity. Hughes said the condensers’ quality is outstanding, and he is happy with their performance. But what really stood out about Enerquip was the communication and sales process, which was unlike that of any other supplier the company has worked with before.

“The communication and follow-up prior to the order [and] through the order fulfillment exceeds any other dealer we have worked with in the past,” he explained.

It wasn’t just the engineers who took the time to work with OMNOVA employees to determine the best designs for the company’s needs; the sales team was also incredibly helpful. Hughes said they were highly informed and very responsive.

OMNOVA plans to continue its relationship with Enerquip, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other companies looking for a supplier that can provide high-quality equipment in a short timeframe.

“This company treats their customers as an important priority to their business,” he said. “The communication is fantastic and they will meet or exceed their timeline in the manufacturing process.”