Enerquip Employee Match Supports Stetsonville Fire Department

Photo: Will McCarron (right), Enerquip Sales Engineer & Volunteer Stetsonville Firefighter presents a $500 donation to Eric Dahlvig (left), Stetsonville Fire Department, through Enerquip’s employee match program.

As part of its employee match program, Enerquip has proudly donated $500 to the Stetsonville Fire Department. The donation will be used for ongoing expenses related to the dedicated work of the volunteer fire department.

Enerquip is committed to supporting and encouraging its employees to lift others through giving and servicing. Therefore, Enerquip provides gifts to organizations at 100% of the employee’s contribution up to $500 per employee per calendar year, including volunteer hours.

This match from Will McCarron, Enerquip Sales Engineer, includes his volunteer hours on the Stetsonville Fire Department.