What is ANSI Code and Why Does It Matter? 

When you’re in the market for industrial heating equipment, there are numerous codes and standards you’ll need to be concerned with. You’ll want to be sure you purchase equipment that meets the requirements of your industry, and satisfies safety and environmental standards as well.

Here, we’ll provide an overview of ANSI code so you have a sense of what it is, the role it plays when it comes to industrial heating equipment, and why it’s a code you should care about when you’re purchasing equipment for your facility.

What Does ANSI Stand For?

ANSI is an acronym that stands for the American National Standards Institute. Founded in 1918, this organization regulates standards for products, processes, systems, and services offered in the United States. 

The ANSI includes members from government agencies, companies, corporations and organizations, and scholars from a variety of academic fields.

What is the Role of the ANSI?

By establishing standards for products and services, ANSI works to solidify the position of the US in the global market. Their goal is to ensure that features and performance levels of items created in the US consistently meet specific quality standards. They also play a role in some initiatives and accreditation programs related to environmental conservation.

Additionally, ANSI recognizes organizations that produce products and train personnel in accordance with their established standards and requirements. They monitor the products and services that they have accredited, and update their specifications as needed. 

Does ANSI Code Apply to Industrial Heating Equipment?

The short answer to this question is yes. ANSI code impacts equipment and systems that are used for industrial heating, but it also impacts products, services and processes in a wide variety of other industries and for a broad spectrum of applications as well. 

In other words, ANSI code is not specific to industrial heating equipment, but it does impact and influence the commercial heating industry.

Why Does ANSI Code Matter?

There are a few key reasons why ANSI code is important to consider when it comes to industrial heating equipment.

Safety & Reliability

ANSI’s standards ensure that products and processes are tested in a consistent manner and held to consistent standards. This means that ANSI accredited products all meet specific, standardized criteria when it comes to safety, performance, functionality, and more.


With ANSI accredited products, consumers can have a specific understanding of the quality of the item. All accredited products meet the same set of requirements and are described using the same consistent definitions and terms.


Again, because ANSI accredited products have to meet specific standards, consumers will have a clear sense of what can be expected in terms of performance when investing in a piece of equipment that satisfies ANSI’s code requirements.

ANSI-Accredited Commercial Heating Equipment

If you’re shopping your options when it comes to heating equipment for your plant or facility, you want to know with confidence that you’re considering only equipment that satisfies the appropriate and required standards for your industry. 

For many organizations in a wide variety of industries, investing in heating equipment that is ANSI accredited is the way to go.

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