3 Benefits of Low NOx Heaters

If you’re in the market for a thermal fluid industrial heating system, you’ve probably encountered the term “low NOx heater” during your research. Depending on your state’s EPA regulations, it may even be mandatory for your facility to use a low NOx heater.

Fortunately, Enerquip produces thermal fluid heaters with impressively low NOx levels – less than 9PPM total NOx and under 50 PPM Co.

But, what is NOx? And what are the advantages of low NOx heaters? To simplify things for you, we’ve provided a breakdown of the terminology below.

What is a Low NOx Heater?

The term “NOx” refers to Nitrogen Oxides, a class of greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment.

Nitrogen Oxide gases are released during high-heat fuel combustion, such as in an industrial hot oil heater. The most hazardous of these gases is Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), which poses a significant threat to human health and the ecosystem. To mitigate the risks associated with NO2, the Environmental Protection Agency has established regulations to regulate NO2 emissions.

How Do Low NOx Heaters Reduce Emissions?

At Enerquip, we are committed to maximizing the efficiency of our heating systems while minimizing their environmental impact. We believe using flue gas recirculation is the most efficient way to achieve the lowest NOx level. By installing a large flue gas recirculation duct at the opposite end of the burner, the large surface area of the duct will quickly allow the flue gas to give up heat, allowing for less NOx formation.

We also have burner models that can achieve 9PPM NOx without a flue gas duct for those who require it.

Learn more about the construction of our low Nox heaters.

Benefits of Low NOx Heaters

Read below for our top three benefits to purchasing a low NOx heater for your facility.

1. They’re Environmentally Friendly

When NO2 and NOx are released, they interact with other chemicals in the atmosphere that is harmful to the environment. The EPA has linked NOx emissions contributing to acid rain, smog, global warming, and smog. By using a low NOx heater, you greatly reduce NO2 pollution in the atmosphere.

Interested in decreasing waste and emissions? Learn why your facility needs a waste recovery unit.

2. They’re Safer For Your Employees

According to the EPA, exposure to nitrogen oxides has been found to contribute to respiratory problems and diseases, like asthma. By installing a low NOx heater, you’re potentially preventing damage to your employee’s lungs.

3. They’re More Efficient

As our low NOx heaters are built using a serpentine coil technology, they have space between the coil tubes which renders them 10 to 15% more efficient than hot oil heaters that feature helical coils.

In the Market for an Industrial Low NOx Heater for Your Plant or Facility?

If you’re looking to enhance safety in your facility, increase your heater’s efficiency, and increase your heater’s efficiency, low NOx heaters are certainly worth the investment.

Have questions about our low NOx heating equipment? Give us a call today at (715) 748-5888 or contact us online! We’d be happy to offer you our expert opinion so you can make a well informed decision as you decide whether or not a low NOx heater is ideal for your plant.

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