Expansion Joints and Demystifying the Four Most Common Questions

Bellows style expansion joints are composed of a series of accordion style convolutions that expand and contract slightly. Flanged and flued expansion joints are more robust and allow for a high point vent and low point drain to be installed. Heat exchangers with expansion joints installed in harsh climates should be insulated to prevent ruptures […]

Plant Shutdown Management: Tips for Planned and Unplanned Facility Outages

Plant shutdowns can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re planned, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they’re strategic, sometimes they are unexpected hurdles that your facility has to overcome. Sometimes they are major, and other times they are an inconvenience that’s handled with relative ease. Despite all this, one thing is certain. Plant shutdowns will […]

API Specifications: What They Are and Why They Are Important

At American Heating Company, we like to showcase the fact we design and manufacture API style industrial heating equipment built to meet rigorous standards. But what exactly does that mean, and why is it so important? Here, we’ll delve into some of the details about API specifications, including what they are and why the highest […]

Heating Equipment Maintenance Strategies: Proactive vs. Reactive Management of Industrial Heater Maintenance, Replacement & More

When it comes to managing a facility and all of the equipment that keeps it up and running efficiently, plant managers typically fall into one of two camps: those who are proactive about equipment upkeep and those who are reactive. While there is not necessarily one right way to go about this specific aspect of […]

What is ANSI Code and Why Does It Matter? 

When you’re in the market for industrial heating equipment, there are numerous codes and standards you’ll need to be concerned with. You’ll want to be sure you purchase equipment that meets the requirements of your industry, and satisfies safety and environmental standards as well. Here, we’ll provide an overview of ANSI code so you have […]

Why Hot Oil Is Better Than Steam for Industrial Heating: The Benefits of Hot Oil Heating Systems

In most manufacturing facilities where products and materials are being produced and transformed, some type of process heating is required. In many of these facilities, this heat is produced and distributed through the use of a boiler system. Though boilers are among the most common heating equipment when it comes to industrial heating, hot oil […]

Enerquip Partners with CPI Sales, Inc.

Enerquip, a Wisconsin company that specializes in a wide variety of shell and tube heat exchangers, recently added CPI Sales, Inc. to its team of Distributors and Manufacturer’s representatives to meet its plans for continued growth. Enerquip has been one of the leading providers of heating and cooling equipment for production plants and the OEM’s […]

Thermal Fluid Heater FAQs

As experts in the industrial heating industry, we field a lot of questions from clients and potential customers about heating equipment in general, as well as the heating systems and system components that we manufacture. Thermal fluid heaters are one of our specialties. We are proud to offer hot oil heaters that are highly efficient […]