Enerquip Acquires American Heating Company

Enerquip Aquires American Heating Company Enerquip, LLC, a world-class designer and fabricator of stainless-steel heat exchangers and sanitary vessels, today announced they have acquired, as a wholly owned subsidiary, American Heating Company, Inc. (AHC), a leading manufacturer of industrial heating systems. American Heating Company, located in Oklahoma, has been designing and manufacturing high-efficiency industrial heating […]

Seamless Tube Inspection

Using a 5-power magnifying glass, our team inspects all sanitary or pharmaceutical tube bundles for any pinholes or scratches. This inspection of all units requiring 32 Ra or better finish ensures a sanitary finish on our food, dairy and pharmaceutical units. If a heat exchanger unit has an electropolished finish, the seamless tubes are inspected […]

Understanding Finish Requirements for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

When hiking, it is important to understand the terrain before setting out. Scaling the Rocky Mountains is far different than taking a leisurely stroll around the block. And the physical endurance required for each will provide drastically different results. This is just as true in stainless-steel manufacturing and finishing procedures. Metals are not completely flat, […]

Herman Promoted to Enerquip’s Director of Business Development

Enerquip is excited to announce the promotion of Ron Herman to Director of Business Development. He previously led Enerquip’s Sales Engineers; a role recently assumed by Troy Weik. A customer-focused seasoned sales leader, Herman enjoys the challenge of leading business development efforts to meet aggressive growth plans. Since joining the Enerquip team in 2010, his […]

Weik Joins Enerquip’s Sales Leadership Team

Enerquip is pleased to announce Troy Weik has joined its team as Sales & Channel Manager. In this role, Weik will provide leadership to Enerquip’s highly skilled and engaged sales engineers, while also fostering relationships with business partners and representatives. Weik has stepped into the shoes of Ron Herman, who has accepted the opportunity to […]

Benefits of Tank Coils with Helically Wound Fins

Tank heating coils are an imperative component of the industrial heating equipment your facility relies on every day. As experts in the industrial heating industry, we’ve spent decades honing our craft and developing efficient, innovative heating technology that our clients and customers can rely on. We take great pride in creating tank heating coils that […]

Industrial Heat Exchanger FAQs

Heat exchangers are key elements of industrial heating systems for facilities in a variety of industries. Alongside other major pieces of industrial heating equipment, like thermal fluid heaters, heat exchangers serve to transfer heat between fluids and gases, making various processes possible.  Looking to learn more about heat exchangers? You’ve come to the right place. […]

What is ASTM Code and Why Does It Matter?

Shopping your options for industrial heating equipment? No matter what industry you’re in, there are many codes and standards to carefully consider as you’re deciding which type of heating system will work best for your facility.  Here, we will provide a general overview of ASTM code so you can understand what it is, its importance […]