Enerquip Welcomes New Sales Leader

Enerquip is excited to announce the addition of Shailendra Seecharan to its innovative Sales team. Seecharan will be a central point of contact for customers seeking industrial heating equipment, including thermal fluid heaters, tank heating coils, economizers, and more. Enerquip’s skilled sales team performs thermal calculations, product design, and ongoing project management. “Shailendra comes to […]

Enerquip’s Employee Match Supports Gilman Baseball

Enerquip has proudly donated $500 to the Gilman Baseball program. Donations are used for the program’s ongoing expenses, including field maintenance, uniforms, athletic equipment, and umpires. Gilman Baseball supports youth, middle school, and high school programs with over 50 Gilman area students enjoying this favorite American pastime each spring and summer. Enerquip is committed to […]

Enerquip Employee Match Supports Spirit Lakes Improvement Association

As part of its employee match program, Enerquip has proudly donated $1,610 to the Spirit Lakes Improvement Association. Donations to the association are used to improve and maintain the quality of both North Spirit and Spirit Lakes, including water quality, fish population and habitat, recreational facilities, improved waterway access, and wildlife protection. Enerquip is committed […]

How Industrial Heating Equipment Works Through Asphalt Plant Operations [Video]

At Enerquip, we pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for high-quality, reliable asphalt heaters and heating systems. Many of the world’s largest roofing and asphalt manufacturers turn to us to fulfill their industrial heating needs. In the video below, you’ll see how Enerquip’s industrial heating equipment works throughout an asphalt plant operation. Watch now. […]

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Designs

Heat exchanger technology can be traced back thousands of years, with ancient heat exchangers embracing simple structures. However, they possessed a limited heat transmission ability because of limitations in production technology and scientific threshold. With the expansion of the manufacturing processes in the early 1900s came the shell and tube heat exchanger. Featuring a larger […]

How to Change O-Rings & Gaskets [Video]

Sanitary and industrial heating equipment can be complex, and with minimal maintenance needs, it can be easy to forget the right way to do seemingly simple updates. Below you’ll find how-to videos for changing out O-rings and gaskets on your sanitary and 3-A shell and tube heat exchangers.

Choosing a Heat Exchanger For Your Brewing Process

Across the United States, the craft brewing industry is experiencing a boom. As production increases, heat exchangers are increasingly in demand, as they are essential pieces of equipment in any brewery. Brewery heat exchangers play a key role in quickly cooling wort as it is moved from kettle to fermenter. When properly selected and used, […]

The Best Types of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger is a system that transfers heat between two media of different starting temperatures. Used in both heating and cooling processes, they have a broad range of industrial applications, such as refrigeration, space heating, and air conditioning. Shell and tube heat exchangers are the most typical type of heat exchangers used in oil […]

Enerquip Gives Time & Talent to Rib Lake

As a service to the community, Enerquip recently donated welding time to Rib Lake Fish and Game Association. The organization provided Enerquip with the materials to fabricate a new aeration system for the east shore of Rib Lake. Then Enerquip’s talented Welders Travis Frost (right) and Lonnie Marcott (left) used their talents to build the […]