Questions to Ask When Buying Thermal Fluid Heaters & Heating Systems

When it comes to purchasing industrial heating equipment, most plant managers have a lot on their minds. Deciding whether to purchase new equipment or repair the old equipment, choosing between new and used heaters, selecting an industrial heating equipment provider, establishing a budget for the investment in new equipment… the list goes on and on.

Many times, all of these choices need to be made quickly. Often, the time to invest in new equipment comes unexpectedly when the current piece of equipment has failed. Every day you spend deliberating is a day that your facility spends operating at less than full capacity.

At Enerquip, we’re experts on thermal fluid heaters. We’ve established ourselves as leaders in the thermal fluid heating industry, and we offer some of the most advanced and efficient technologies on the market. We know thermal fluid heaters inside and out – and we’re willing to put that knowledge and insight to work to help our customers make intelligent purchases for their facilities.

Shopping for a new thermal fluid heater or heating system for your plant? Here is a list of key questions to use as a guide as you are evaluating your options when it comes to thermal oil heaters and industrial heating equipment providers.

Purchasing a New Thermal Fluid Heater For Your Plant? Here Are Some of the Key Questions You Should Ask.

Serpentine Coil Thermal Fluid HeaterBased on our knowledge of thermal fluid heaters and the industrial heating industry, we’ve assembled a list of key preliminary questions plant managers will want to ask early in the shopping process when in the market to purchase a thermal fluid heater or hot oil heater. These questions will help you to evaluate and begin to narrow down your options so you can choose the heater that’s best suited for your facility.

The Basics

How much does the thermal fluid heater cost?

What is the expected lifespan of this heater?

What kind of maintenance will this thermal fluid heater or heating system require to keep it running smoothly?

What are the advantages of a thermal fluid heater vs. a different type of heater?

Does the heater need to be serviced regularly?

Have others had success using this heater for similar applications?

Does it make more sense to buy a new thermal fluid heater or invest in repairing my existing equipment?

Thermal Fluid Heater Design

What type of coil design does this thermal fluid heater utilize?

How efficient is this piece of equipment?

What are the film temperature and operating temperature for the thermal fluid heater?

What kind of fuel does this heater require?

Does this thermal fluid heater meet the code requirements for my industry?

Which parts of the heater most often need to be replaced, repaired, or serviced?

What features does the heater have that set it apart from its competitors?

About the Thermal Fluid Heater Manufacturer

Will the equipment provider I’m purchasing from stand behind their equipment?

What is the purchase process for the equipment I’m interested in?

What are the payment terms for the thermal fluid heater or heating system?

Is there a warranty on the heating equipment I purchase?

Who do I contact if something goes wrong with my machinery?

Does the heating equipment provider have references from previous customers that I could review?

The Logistics

Will this piece of equipment be compatible with the other system components already in place at my facility?

Will this thermal fluid heater or heating system fit in the space available at the plant?

How will our facility need to prepare for the thermal fluid heating equipment installation?

How long will it take for me to receive the thermal fluid heater and have it installed on location?

Who will be handling the thermal fluid heater installation?

Keep in mind that depending on your situation, some of these questions may or may not be applicable. This list is intended as a question bank to be used as a resource, and not an exhaustive list of all the questions that should be asked during the process of buying a thermal fluid heater.

As you move further along in the thermal fluid heater shopping process, your questions will become more detailed and specialized. This list is a good place to start in the preliminary phase of your search.

Other Tips For Shopping Your Options When Purchasing a Thermal Fluid Heater

In addition to asking the right questions, there are other strategies you can use to make sure the heater you ultimately purchase is the best one for your facility and applications. These strategies include:

Visiting facilities that have implemented the thermal fluid heater you are considering

Seeing how others are utilizing the equipment you are interested in is a great way to get a better understanding of how the thermal fluid heater you’re considering will work for your plant. Plus, you may even get a firsthand account of any issues they’ve run into, any tips they have for increasing efficiency, and feedback about their experience working with the thermal fluid heater provider.

Visiting the heater manufacturer

Once you’ve narrowed down your options a bit, it’s a great idea to visit the heater manufacturers whose products are still on the table, if it’s feasible. You may be able to get an inside look at the products and how they are manufactured, and you’ll develop a closer relationship with the representatives you’ll be working with if you’re able to swing an in-person visit.

Talking to others in your industry

Reach out to other individuals in your industry to find out what’s working – and what isn’t working – for them when it comes to thermal fluid heating systems and heating equipment. If they’re willing to share their experiences and recommendations, their insight can help guide you towards the high-quality heating equipment and manufacturers you’ll be the happiest working with.

Buying A Thermal Fluid Heater Can Be Challenging. At Enerquip, We Help Make It Easier.

In the market for a new thermal fluid heater? Be sure to consider Enerquip (formerly American Heating Company) as one of your options.

As leaders in our field, we’ve been manufacturing some of the most efficient thermal fluid heaters on the market for decades. We serve a variety of industries and can help you find or design a thermal fluid heating solution that will work for your business.

Have questions about our thermal fluid heating products? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Simply give us a call at (715) 748-5888 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you’re looking for!

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