New Industrial Heating Systems vs. Used Industrial Heating Systems: Weighing Your Options

Industrial heating equipment is expensive. Many times, when something malfunctions and needs to be replaced, it happens unexpectedly – often leaving plant managers with a limited budget to work with when it comes to investing in replacement equipment.

These are just two of the various reasons why some facility managers choose to invest in used industrial heating equipment.

While in some cases, purchasing used industrial heating systems or system components is the right choice for a business, in many cases investing in new heating equipment is the better option.

At Enerquip, we highly recommend investing in new industrial heating systems for your facility whenever possible. We are advocates of new heating equipment not only because of the risks associated with investing in previously used systems, but because of the immense benefits that new equipment has to offer.

Benefits of New Industrial Heating Systems

Here are just a few of the reasons why we highly recommend investing in new industrial heating equipment for your plant or facility whenever possible.


Chances are, if you’re investing in a new industrial heating system for your plant or facility, you’re doing so because shutting down your plant for installation and purchasing a new system is a better alternative than relying on your old system to continue getting the job done.

Whether your current system has failed or is operating at reduced efficiency, you need something you can completely rely on to take its place.

With a new industrial heating system, you’ll know you are getting a piece of equipment that is brand new, configured properly for your facility, and ready to take on the challenge of getting your plant caught up.


Used equipment is just that – used. It’s already completed some of its useful life, meaning there is less longevity left in the equipment for your organization to take advantage of.

While you may be making a smaller initial investment in the equipment, you should also plan on a used system lasting for a shorter period of time than a comparable new system might.

From a longevity standpoint, there’s a good chance used equipment simply won’t last as long as a new heater or heating system. If you’re hoping to invest in equipment with the longest lifespan possible, new equipment is the way to go. Our new thermal fluid heaters are some of the longest lasting on the market so they may be an option you should consider if you’re ready to upgrade.


Many plant managers invest in used equipment in hopes of saving their facility money. While this is logical and oftentimes the initial investment in used equipment is more manageable than purchasing a completely new system, overall affordability can often go either way.

Though new systems may be pricier than used systems right off the bat, over time the costs may even out. Used systems will likely require more maintenance and service, plus you run the risk of needing to invest in another system sooner rather than later, setting your facility even further back.

While it may not seem so at first glance, new equipment is sometimes the more affordable option for businesses in the long run.


Technology is moving at a rapid pace in all industries, including the industrial heating industry.

When you invest in new equipment, you get technological upgrades that you simply won’t get when you purchase used industrial heating system components.

New features, safety mechanisms, and overall upgrades are all things you can expect from brand new equipment. While you may pay a bit more for it initially, it will likely be well worth it in the long run. You’ll be able to keep your business ahead of the game and keep up with the competition more effectively with technological upgrades on your side.

Purchasing New Industrial Heating Equipment

If you’re in the market for a new industrial heating system, weigh your options carefully when considering new vs. used. While used equipment may be ideal from a cost perspective in the short term, in the long term new industrial heating systems are often the better way to go.

When the time comes to make that investment in a new industrial heating system, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

At Enerquip, we exclusively offer new thermal fluid heaters and industrial heating system components. With decades of experience serving businesses in a variety of industries, we know what it takes to design and manufacture industrial heating equipment that is built to last. Whether you’re looking for a custom piece of equipment built to your specifications or a standard system component, we can help.

Give us a call at (715) 748-5888 or contact us online to learn more about the new industrial heating systems and system components we have available.

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