Why Replacing Your Thermal Fluid System Might Be Better Than Repairing It

It always seems to happen at the worst time. Something is wrong with your facility’s industrial heating system. Operations have ground to a halt. Now is the time to diagnose the issue and, perhaps more importantly, figure out what needs to be done to resolve it quickly.

Unfortunately, many of us are familiar with this situation. With aging infrastructure, unexpected problems tend to crop up more often than we’d like. These issues – and the downtime they cause – decrease productivity, negatively impact profits and are a massive inconvenience.

Yet in most cases, they are somewhat unavoidable. Even worse, the solutions we come up with to resolve them are more often than not just temporary fix, getting us through until the next problem arises.

What many plant managers don’t realize is that there is a way around this vicious cycle.

An Alternative To Expensive, Temporary Thermal Fluid System Repairs

When disaster strikes, there are a few things at the top of a facility manager’s mind:

  • What is the issue?
  • What caused the issue?
  • What do we need to do to fix the issue?
  • How much is the repair going to cost?

Many times, in the hectic frenzy to make the necessary repairs the idea of replacing the industrial heating system never crosses a plant manager’s mind. But the truth is, sometimes replacing an entire outdated heating system plagued with issues with new, efficient industrial heating equipment is the better option.

Why Is Replacing Your Facility’s Industrial Heating System Better Than Repairing The Existing System?

There are a number of reasons why replacing a facility’s industrial heating system is often a better option than repairing the component (or components) of the existing system that have failed. Here are a few of the key benefits of installing a new thermal fluid system when things go wrong:

1. Increased Efficiency

Like almost everything else in our world, industrial heating systems have become increasingly efficient in recent years. Newer systems provide increased fuel and energy efficiency, plus they produce less waste. As a result, you’ll spend less on powering and maintaining your heating equipment, helping to increase your profitability.

2. Increased Reliability

As industrial equipment ages, it becomes less reliable. With a new system, you can feel confident that your system will require fewer repairs – meaning less downtime for service and maintenance.

3. Increased Profitability

With less downtime, fewer repairs, and increased efficiency, a new industrial heating system can contribute to increasing your company’s profitability. While investing in a new system may be an added expense short term, in the long run a new system can have a significant impact in overall profitability.

4. Increased Value

Machinery repairs can be very expensive. When it comes to industrial heating equipment, the cost of replacing a heating coil can be nearly 75% of the cost of the original system! Spending just a little bit more, you could invest in an entirely new, up-to-date industrial heating system that offers increased reliability, efficiency and overall value.

You can take a more in-depth look at why it’s actually worth it to replace your industrial heater before it completely fails here.

When Issues Arise, Consider Replacing Your Complete Industrial Heating System

While it may not be the best option in all scenarios, in many cases updating the entire industrial heating system is a viable solution when problems occur and extensive repairs are needed. Though the upfront cost and initial downtime required to install a new system may be alarming to some plant managers, there are many long term benefits that come along with replacing an old, outdated system with a new, efficient one. (Learn more about successfully managing a planned or unplanned plant shutdown here.)

If your industrial heating system has been plagued with issues and you’re considering your options when it comes to repairs as you move forward, don’t forget to consider replacement.

For more information about how a new thermal fluid heating system can benefit your plant, give American Heating Company a call today at (715) 748-5888 or contact us online.

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