Enerquip’s Employee Match Supports First Hunt Foundation

Ron Herman (right), Director of Business Development, and Travis Frost (left), Welder, both from Enerquip and serving as mentors for First Hunt, present an $815 check to Jena Zenner (center), President of First Hunt Foundation in Medford, WI. The donation aims to spread the joy of hunting among new enthusiasts in the Medford area.

Enerquip is proud to announce a contribution of $815 to the First Hunt Foundation in Medford, WI, as part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing community life and safety.

The First Hunt Foundation, a prominent non-profit organization founded in Idaho, specializes in providing comprehensive education and training for individuals seeking to acquire hunting skills. Recognized as one of the nation’s leading new hunter mentoring organizations, First Hunt operates on a national scale, with its Medford, WI, site playing a crucial role in this mission. Enerquip’s donation will help support the foundation’s essential ongoing expenses, such as mentor recruitment, training supplies, hunting equipment and licenses, educational resources, and more.

“On behalf of the youth and adults participating in the First Hunt program, we are so thankful for Enerquip’s donation and support. This invaluable contribution will significantly propel our mission to share the skill and joy of hunting,” states Jena Zenner, President of First Hunt Foundation in Medford, WI.

At the core of Enerquip’s values is a dedication to supporting and uplifting the community, and this contribution is a testament to that commitment. Enerquip actively encourages its employees to make a positive impact through giving and service. In alignment with this, the company matches employee contributions to organizations at 100%, up to $500 per employee per calendar year, encompassing both financial donations and volunteer hours.

These employee matches from Ron Herman, Director of Business Development, and Travis Frost, Welder, include their own volunteer hours and contributions as volunteer mentors with the First Hunt Foundation.