Perrin Joins Enerquip’s Sales Engineering Team

Enerquip, a leading provider of sanitary and industrial heating and cooling equipment, is thrilled to announce the addition of Ryan Perrin to its Sales Engineering team. Perrin will be instrumental in assisting customers seeking top-of-the-line heat exchangers, condensers, clean-in-place heaters, and clean steam generators.

Perrin joins a highly experienced sales team comprising industry experts Ron Herman, Troy Weik, Sue Rhyner, Will McCarron, Shane Viergutz, Shailendra Seecharan, Brady Loertscher, and Lisa Schreiner. Together, Enerquip’s Sales Engineers perform meticulous thermal calculations, innovative product design, and comprehensive project management to optimize customer process applications.

“I take great pride in designing Enerquip’s highly customized heat exchangers while continually pushing the boundaries to meet the diverse needs of our customers across the world,” says Perrin. “Embracing each project with creativity and precision, I firmly believe in the philosophy of ‘measure twice, cut once.'”

Perrin joined the Enerquip team as a Design Engineer in May 2022 after earning his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

“With Ryan’s education and expertise in designing process equipment and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, we are excited to have him assist our customers in finding the perfect solutions for their heating and cooling needs,” says Troy Weik, Sales & Channel Manager. “We are confident that Ryan’s meticulous approach, will provide significant value to our customers.”

A Medford, WI native, Perrin enjoys the Wisconsin outdoors, including hunting, fishing, golf, and snowmobiling.

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