Understanding Finish Requirements for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

When hiking, it is important to understand the terrain before setting out. Scaling the Rocky Mountains is far different than taking a leisurely stroll around the block. And the physical endurance required for each will provide drastically different results. This is just as true in stainless-steel manufacturing and finishing procedures. Metals are not completely flat, […]

Ramping Up Production of Hygiene-Related Products

The escalation of hygiene-related product production has become an imperative since the outbreak of the pandemic. As COVID-19 affected the entire populace, the surging demand for hygiene essentials like hand sanitizer and soap consistently outstrips the available supply. In response to this public health crisis, the Personal Care industry has embarked on a multifaceted approach, […]

Process Cooling: The Salsa Cooling Challenge

A custom heat exchanger design allows a salsa manufacturer to effectively complete process cooling of the product and expeditiously clean-in-place between batches and shifts. California-based Southwest Thermal Technology was approached by one of its OEM customers to provide a shell-and-tube cooler to chill a client’s salsa prior to bottling. The request was more challenging than […]

Exchanger System Helps Food Packager Put the Soup On

A mechanical contractor for a Chicago-based liquid-foods packager had an interesting and challenging cooling application. An important client planned to award the foods packager a large contract for packaging soup if they could satisfy one stipulation: The company had to guarantee that the product would be cooled from 198°F (92°C) to precisely 77°F (25°C) before […]