Why Efficient Industrial Heating Is Important

We all know energy efficiency is important. From the high efficiency light bulbs, heating systems, and appliances to the fuel efficient and minimal-emission-producing cars we drive, efforts to increase efficiency surround us all the time.

But if you’re a plant manager or industrial facility owner, there may be one place you’re overlooking efficiency: the industrial heating equipment that powers your facility.

Many facilities rely on outdated equipment because it takes time and money to install new equipment. While these justifications for continuing to use old, inefficient equipment certainly have some validity, there are a number of reasons why investing in efficient thermal fluid heating solutions is becoming an increasingly important thing to do.

Why You Should Invest in Efficient Industrial Heating Equipment

Efficiency is especially important on a large scale and manufacturing and production operations are no exception. Here are two key reasons why you may want to consider upgrading your industrial heating equipment or installing a new, highly efficient thermal fluid heating system in your plant or facility.

1. It Will Save Your Company Money

While investing in new, more efficient industrial heating equipment may cost more upfront than simply maintaining the status quo with your existing system, a new system with increased efficiency will save your plant money in the long run. How? Here are just a few of the ways:

Decreased Energy Costs

High efficiency equipment uses far less energy than industrial heating solutions that were developed decades or even years ago. As a result, you’ll save on energy costs.

Lower Operating Costs

Aside from just saving energy, new thermal fluid heating systems generally cost much less to operate than the older industrial heating equipment found in many plants and facilities.

Fewer Repairs

Updated systems run more efficiently, but systems like Enerquip’s thermal fluid heating systems also require fewer repairs. They are built to last, meaning you can rely on them for decades to come without having to worry about regular repairs or extensive maintenance.

2. It’s Better for the Environment

In many cases, increased efficiency is synonymous with increased environmental-friendliness. With industrial heating equipment, this holds true. Systems that run more efficiently are better from an environmental standpoint in a couple of key ways.

Less Energy Consumption

Efficient industrial heating systems use less fuel and energy than their inefficient counterparts. As a result, they can save your plant money and deplete our world’s resources at a slower rate. Since these systems operate on a large scale, even one industrial heating system’s energy efficiency can have a significant impact on resource consumption.

Less Waste

Increased efficiency means decreased waste production. This is true on a couple of levels. Firstly, more efficient industrial heating means that less waste is produced on a regular basis while you are running the system in your plant or facility. Secondly, installing an efficient industrial heating system that is built to last means you won’t have to replace your system or its components for years – or even decades – to come! This means fewer parts and system components being disposed of long-term.

Invest in Efficient Industrial Heating Equipment

If you are on the fence about updating your plant’s industrial heating equipment, remember this: investing in a highly efficient industrial heating system is one way you can have a big positive impact, both on your facility’s profitability and its environmental-friendliness. It is a responsible choice, one that could save your company thousands of dollars, all while reducing your organization’s negative impact on our world and its resources.

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